The Law of Polarity is one of my favorite Universal Laws! I love it so much because it is quick and easy to implement, and the results can be almost instantaneous. I’m a huge fan of efficiency, so this is definitely a law for me 😉

To use this law, simply drop down into your heart space and envision your internal control panel. Where is your lever for love, finances, business/career, self worth, etc? Bring them to the top of the panel and lock them there! You just instantaneously shifted your energy.

Everything has an opposite, which is really just the other end of its pole. Hot/cold are not different things, they are simply different extremes of the same thing — “temperature.” Same with love and hate, or rich and poor.

When we look at it this way, it is much easier to imagine ourselves in a different reality — a different place on the same pole!

Play with this Universal Law and let me know what happens for you 🙂

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