Conscious Creation. Plant Spirit Medicine. Ceremonial Cacao.

About Mindy:

Hi, I’m Mindy! I’m a Spiritual Mentor, Reality Shifter, Energy Healer, and Cacao Ceremonialist, just to name a few. Right now, I am obsessing about Conscious Creation, a formula to create any of your desires into reality. Playing with it in my own life is my passion!

I LOVE money! And have since I was a kid (my parents tell me my first word was CASH). I love uncovering spiritual tricks to make more money with ease, and sharing them with my tribe. I receive more satisfaction hearing about money my clients make than making it myself - as odd as that sounds!

Plant Spirit healing and Ceremonial Cacao are also high on my list. The healing you can receive from working with Plant Spirits is beyond any other healing I have experienced - stay tuned for how this comes to you.

I'm grateful that you've stumbled upon my work. Let's begin this beautiful journey together.

My work is dedicated to helping YOU shift your reality
to create the life of your dreams.

I do this through giving as much away for free as possible. Check out, download Aspects of Creation, or follow me on Instagram. I also offer digital courses, live Cacao Ceremonies, in-person retreats, and coaching.

Consciously Create Your Reality


Everything outside of you is a reflection of what is inside of you. Shift your internal feelings and beliefs, and take inspired action, in order to create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of

Define Your Destiny


Nothing is predetermined. Everything is possible. Define your life on your terms, releasing any blocks or limits

Discover the Sacred Within You


Uncover your unique gifts, abilities, and desires. Find the sacred essence of your soul lying inside you.

Her mindset shifts are probably responsible for about $50K in my business...

"Her mindset shifts are probably responsible for about $50K in my business. If you do not take her up on this you must hate money."

Lindsay Mustain

Mynders Glover

Steve Werner

Lydia Puller

Abundance flowing to me in the form of checks, cash and new client booking...

"Thanks again for the beautiful activation yesterday. Lots of messages coming through overnight not to mention the abundance flowing to me in the form of checks, cash and new client booking plus previous clients taking new interest, Whohoo."

Nancy Anger

Intuitive Coaching and Master Energy Healer

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